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Tips for Improving Flooring

Tips for Improving Flooring
Tips for Improving Flooring

One simple way to change your home’s appearance is to address poor flooring. People with carpeted floors usually fall into two categories; they do not like the color of their carpets, or their carpets are worn out and stained.

Regardless of your situation, you do not need to pay money to have new wall-to-wall carpeting installed to fix the look of your carpet and improve the interior of your home. You can buy throw rugs to hide stains on your carpet. Many people put furniture over worn areas of the carpet.

There is this idea that you should not put carpet over carpet among some people. This is a myth so ignore it. There is no logic backing this myth. Many home improvement stores sell specialty products to keep a throw rug from wrinkling if placed on top of the carpet. You may find remnants you can also use to throw over your carpet at any carpet outlet.

If you own hardwood floors but do not have the money to have them refinished, consider investing in an inexpensive and large throw rug or two to improve the appearance of your flooring. Many rugs are easily laundered in a large washer, so you do not have to pay expensive dry cleaners to clean them.

If you go to a traditional store to buy throw rugs or carpets, you will find they are very expensive. Instead, go to eBay.com or other auction sites and see if anyone is selling oriental rugs or similar pieces like carpet runners, which you can place throughout your home. Look for those with little wear and tear. You can change these items whenever you want to give your home a fresh look. You can even change them seasonally to improve the ambiance in your home.

You can also look into ethnic or small novelty shops because they often sell hand-woven rugs very inexpensively (surprisingly). For example, you can get a throw rug made of soft wool or similar materials to cover almost the entire surface of a small room for $100 in some cases.

You can also check out second-hand stores for used rugs or garage sales. One person’s garbage may be another’s treasure.

Here are a few extra tips for improving the look and feel of your floors: 

  • Use dim lighting if you want to hide stains or a worn carpet. Nothing makes a stain stand out more than direct sun exposure or bright light exposure. Think about the lighting used in dressing rooms. It always makes us look our worst. Have sympathy for your carpets and provide proper, reflective light.
  • Avoid exposing wood floors to direct sunlight or spills, which may warp the material. If you spill something on the floor, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth. Find something to shade your floors if they are exposed to sunlight during certain times of the day.
  • Consider a “no shoe” rule in the house to keep your floors looking fresher longer. Most people track in too much dirt from the outdoors when they wear their shoes inside the home. You can have a set of slippers ready to wear at home if you prefer to keep your feet warm.
  • Focus on decorating other areas of your living space and placing objects high on the walls. Hence, people are less likely to look at your flooring and more likely to look at your strategically placed hangings, plants, or other items. For example, you can place pictures throughout your home high above the flooring, so people immediately look at the pictures rather than stare at your floor. Likewise, if you have a huge statue on your floor, you will attract attention to your floor. Again, this is nothing more than a common sense tip to improve the appearance of your home.
  • Consider snap-in “fake” hardwood flooring. Many home improvement stores sell do-it-yourself hardwood flooring. It may not be made of the same material old-school flooring is, but it can work equally well. You can even buy “snap-in” flooring that snaps into place, so you do not have to hire an expensive consultant to install your flooring.
  • Keep in mind some flooring is less expensive than others; cork flooring, for example, and some types of bamboo flooring, add a charming look and appeal to a home and often cost less than other hardwoods like oak. They maintain the same durability and often last 20 or more years, so it is worth checking into. Buy more than just the cheapest products; look for durable ones that will last a long time. That way, you can avoid replacing them often or ever, so you will save money in the long term. If you sell your home, you can add this improvement to improve the value of your home.
  • Consider buying wood flooring that still needs to be finished. You can stain and water seal the flooring yourself to save money. You can also ask a friend to help you do this. This is another instance where trading services come in handy. And if you do not have a “trade” you can use as a bartering tool, get creative. Try offering someone a night out, offer to watch their children. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get help from others when you are open, kind, and willing to ask.

Our favorite way to improve the look of flooring without spending a fortune is by using runners in high-traffic areas. Often you can buy beautiful runners and long stretches of carpet very inexpensively. Runners come in many different colors, styles, and patterns. You will maintain your floors and add to the décor of your home.

Remember, replica and laminate wood flooring products often look just as good if not better than the real thing. They are easy to install, and you can accessorize them inexpensively with a few well-placed throw rugs. These are excellent choices for people who want to improve their homes’ interiors without spending a fortune on carpeting.


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