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Expert Design Tips For Beginners

Expert Design Tips For Beginners
Expert Design Tips For Beginners

Now that you have a basic understanding of design reviewing some ways to bring your home together is time. It would help if you always worked to create a balanced home. You do not want to decorate your home, so you feel you live in a chaotic environment. You can easily decorate and create a positive balance by following the techniques outlined in this section.

You know you can buy inexpensive pieces to furnish your home. You can also mix and match. One key to creating a homey environment is to buy one or two key pieces you like, even if they are expensive, and complement the rest of the area you plan to decorate with simple items that cost much less.

Mixing and matching work well if you have some design element in mind. For example, if you want to mix antique furniture with some contemporary pieces, you can do so; by making sure, the pieces complement each other in some way or match the overall style you want to create within your home.

Two Basic Ways to Decorate for Success

If you look at interior design as a philosophy, there are two major ways to decorate. You can keep things clean, simple, and streamlined (as one might if one wanted to use the principles of Feng Shui), or you can create a natural, upbeat and abstract environment that matches your personality.

Some people prefer to use exotic or fun pieces throughout their homes to create an entertaining and lively environment. Others want to create a peaceful and tranquil environment. Still, others buy pieces reflecting their cultural heritage. No one way is the right way because everyone is different. How you decorate should reflect how you feel and who you are.

You may want an exotic theme or style in your bedroom or the family area but tranquil and balanced in the living or home office area. You can mix and match, though most people stick with one theme or another. Key to your success is your ability to have an open mind and have fun.

Make sure you do not use too many pieces when designing; if you have the idea to place family photographs along a hallway, for example, to decorate your walls, do so, but do it. Try using the same frame style for all the pictures you use. If you mix and match too many different styles, you will create a chaotic-looking environment.

Candles Décor

Some people decorate with candles and color alone. Candles come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. You can buy small tea candles for less than a dollar or larger candles for $10.00. You can use candles to accessorize or candle lamps to substitute artificial lighting in your home. If you want an environmentally friendly home, buy organic candles.

The key to making candles work is finding proper holders for them. There you can find it anywhere. You can buy sets of candleholders and use them to decorate an entire home and save money by investing in more rather than less.

Make sure you replace candles regularly if you plan to light them. Tea candles are best used as lighting sources because they are inexpensive. You want to avoid buying a $200 decorative candle and lighting it, having to replace it monthly. That gets expensive.

On the other hand, you can use the larger piece as décor in your home and light tea candles to allow a pleasing glow and aroma. Most people find a combination of techniques creates the right feel and appearance for their home. One word of caution – If you buy candles, make sure you invest in candles that have safeguards. You do not want to burn down your beautifully decorated home. Always make sure you put candles out when you are done using them.

If you are sensitive to scent, try using unscented candles. Many candles come in powerful scents, so be sure you check the candle’s ingredients BEFORE you buy, so you do not bring on an allergic reaction when decorating your home.

As you continue to use your imagination and adopt new techniques, you will find new ideas that inspire you to change the look and feel of your home. When this happens, go back to your goal-setting list and create new goals for your home. Ultimately, this will allow you to create an expertly designed home any time you want without spending a fortune.


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