Home Remodeling Tips How to renovate an old tile?

How to renovate an old tile?

How to renovate an old tile?
How to renovate an old tile

The old tiles give a lot of character to the interior decoration. But who says old tile says wear: your soil does not deserve a small interview to shine as in its early hours? Never mind, renovating an old tile is within everyone’s reach!

The steps

We evaluate the condition of the tiles, clean the tiles in-depth, put the joints, repairs cracks, revive the colors 

The condition of the tile

Simple stain on the floor or real crack, the work on an old tile require different attention according to their nature. So the inventory of the soil is an essential step! Be sure to list items to refresh: color, joints, tiles, or finishes. Defining the types of operation makes it possible to organize efficiently without being scattered depending on the appropriate tools and the time required to complete the renovation. 

Deep cleaning

Whether damaged or simply stained, old tiles need a little help to regain their youth! For deep cleaning plan:

Marseille soap: It will degrease, whiten, and perfume without attacking the solune soft brush to dislodge dirt or cotton mop to dry the surface of a large bucket

We empty the premises to the maximum to proceed with the cleaning at one time. Even if the dust is not visible, prefer a vacuum. Generous pieces of Marseille soap are then mixed with hot water. Rub the floor with this mixture using the brush. We repeat the operation without soap to rinse; then, we pass the mop. It makes it possible to dry the soil more quickly. 

We’re pampering the joints.

Now that it’s beautiful as a penny, the tiles can be renovated to the smallest detail. If the joints are in bad condition, do not panic, they can be changed without breaking everything. Plan:

A ceramic tile scraper with a mortar jointed with a sponge.

Old joints are removed with the scraper before vacuuming the residues. Then prepare the new ones with a mixture of mortar and water, respecting the doses written on the packaging. The result is a homogeneous paste that we slide around each tile with the trowel. Then smooth the assembly with the squeegee to eliminate the surplus. Once the new joints dry, a sponge to eliminate the overflows, and you’re done! 

Cracks are repaired

An impact on the tiles is not irreversible and can be effectively masked by a coating filling the crack or hole. If the floor is matte, we use an email tube of suitable color: there is a multitude. If the tiles are shiny, the white cement is adequate. It is sufficient to apply a layer of colored varnish after that to obtain good homogeneity.

Brighten up colors

When old, tiles lose their luster, and their color fades. To improve its image, some products are necessary but easily usable:

A mild detergent or white vinegar: With a brush, they eliminate the blackness without attacking the soil. Waterproofing: To apply immediately after using a sponge or a cloth. It protects color and matter from the future hazards of daily wax. In addition, it nourishes the soil and adds shine while reviving colors.


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