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When the flowers dress the walls

When the flowers dress the walls
When the flowers dress the walls

Fresh and intoxicating, the flowers are a real invitation to spring. This is good; the beautiful days are back, accompanied by new desires for the four corners of our interior. Frame shots, lying on the wallpaper, shaped in brass, photographed in a still life style, or slipped in vases, the flowers adorn the walls with lightness and elegance. Demonstration.

Still Life

In the 17th and 18th centuries, flowers’ still life celebrates nature’s beauty and poetry. The bouquets are often densely represented, arranged in precious vases, or placed in wicker baskets. Today, photography is inspired by this centuries-old painting style to represent flowers in their simplest form, with exceptional attention to detail. Once put under frames and installed on the wall, these photos attract the eye and stir curiosity … A floral museum wall is a big yes! 

A wreath of natural flowers

As several brides and models are seen in spring parades, wreaths are also rising in our homes. Dried and stabilized, the plants are attached nicely along a larger or smaller metal circle. If many designers already offer ready, it is perfectly possible to make a crown at home. On the hardware side, you’ll need pruning shears, a metal hanger, and a wire for wire netting. Ideal for announcing spring, no?

Brewed brass

With its soft reflections, the brass illuminates the walls at a glance. But, to play the spring card thoroughly, it is invited in a floral version “brewed” on the walls of the room, the living room, or to energize the office. Stickers and sold in different sizes, these flowers are set up in just minutes.

It’s up to you to compose!

Wall vase

Let’s move on to a simple idea to put in place: wall vases. The latter, preferred to white, refined, small, and discreet, are set in a cluster, and welcome fresh flowers picked in the garden or brought back from the florist each week.

In herbarium

In memory of the first flowers pressed between the pages of a big book in primary school, go to the next step by framing them carefully under glass and then displaying them on the wall. The herbarium, one of the latest plant trends, plays the exhibition’s card. We multiply the species of flowers and benefit every day from the result simply by raising our eyes to the wall.

Floral stickers

Sometimes neglected, the wall stickers have a new look and enjoy different ways of representing flowers. In the living room, we validate 100% black and white models that seem straight from a sketchbook. Perfect for giving a character to the wall that welcomes the sofa. In the children’s room, we prefer the childish drawing stickers that we stick here and there on a colored wall.

A garland of dried flowers

If the crown version is a classic, the garlanded variant of dried flowers is also a nice way to bloom in one’s home. So easy to make – all you need is a ball of string made of jute, clothespins, and flowers that stay beautiful when dry (gypsy, hydrangea, rice flower, thistle …) – she invites herself to the wall with simple nails once finished. We admit that the idea of ?? hanging over the bed is, for us, a real crush.


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