Do you want to develop or refurbish a new space in your house? How do you use the space in your basement? Then, we give you the keys to the realization of your project.

Depending on the space available in your basement, you could choose to use it for different reasons: storage, a playroom for children, or creating a new room. It’s not the options that are missing!

Can you arrange your basement?

You maybe need to ask yourself four questions before undertaking any development work for your basement rooms.

  • Do you have to bend over to avoid a beam or a pipe?
  • Is there moisture and/or mold traces on your walls and floor?
  • Do clothes or objects stored in your basement emit a musty smell?
  • Can you see large cracks on your walls and floor?

If you answer one of these questions with a yes, you will have to consider future remediation work for your basement, which in the state is not amenable.

Moisture, the main challenge in a basement

Since your basement is buried, its ambient temperature will vary much less than other rooms located at ground level. It is, therefore, good to live in this space, winter, and summer.

However, moisture is an element to take seriously when renovating your basement. Indeed, your basement walls must be a dam against moisture from outside (by the ground) and from the inside (by your house).

It is strongly recommended to use professionals to ensure the waterproofness of the basement since work in the presence of water is very difficult to perform and includes some risks.

Why it pays to renovate your basement

Building a beautiful basement will greatly increase the resale value of your home. If you have enough space, it’s possible to do more with your basement.

First, start by adding a room inside your basement. This will add a comfortable room to your home. Then, if you still have room, you can add a bathroom and a kitchen to make it a complete home independent of the rest of the house.

This opens the door to opportunities for major transformations and pays, such as creating a duplex rent or housing for an intergenerational home.

Considerations for your basement layout

To make changes to your basement to create a livable and pleasant space, you will need to pay attention and focus on a few points we will see now. First, bringing as much natural light as possible with glazed openings, glass brick walls, or skylights is important. The basement is a relatively dark place by definition, bring a maximum of light will allow you to beautify this space.

Secondly, you will have to light your basement adequately. Depending on the need of your room, you could opt for recessed spots with general lighting. Otherwise, for more localized lighting, you could also choose to install wall lamps or lamps.

Thirdly, choose materials that reflect light naturally, such as glass, lacquered materials, or even metal.

Finally, be aware that if you build a water point (for laundry, a bathroom, or a toilet), you will need a lifting pump to evacuate wastewater. Also, provide adequate ventilation in this case.



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