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Culinary pampering with blomus

Culinary pampering with blomus
Culinary pampering with blomus

Blouse’s elegant and functional stainless steel product line is a great fit for any modern kitchen and home. In addition, their practicality and wide range of products make them great gifts for friends and family over the holiday.

The days are getting colder, and Autumn is knocking on the door. Nothing beats a plate of fresh-made pasta after a long day at work or a quick run in the 

rain. Fresh veggies, your choice of dressing, and fresh cheese on top are a must! The most suitable ones are hard cheeses such as Grana Parmegiano or Pecorino, ideally freshly grated to allow the cheese to unfold its aroma. NAVETTA, blouse new cheese grater (NEW product coming soon to bellacor.com), is a not to be missed helper to grate the cheese and dose just the right amount. The stainless steel grater, held in a plastic surrounding, tops a high-class polished stainless steel bowl, which holds the grated cheese. Its shape caters to comfortable handling, and thanks to the flat bottom NAVETTA will stand firmly on the table. The freshly grated parmesan cheese falls into the bowl and can be poured over Pasta, Risotto, or salads just like that without needing any other utensil. The classy design makes NAVETTA a perfect gift for Pasta lovers and ambitious hobby cooks.

Meanwhile, try out Blomus’ Forma cheese cutter, a useful helper in the kitchen. The stainless steel cutter is elegantly simple and easy to use.

Salt and Pepper shakers are a favorite among Blomus kitchenware and are must-haves on any table setting. For the spices to unfold all their aromas, they should be freshly ground for each dish. The grinding freezes the essential oils that give the dish the wanted spice. The new PEREA spice mill (another NEW item coming soon to bellacor.com) helps get the necessary spices. Can’t wait for the product to come to our site? Then the Macchiato salt and pepper set by Blomus can help give any dish the right spice and is a must-have. Their modern design makes them a perfect addition to your kitchenware.

For dinner with friends or two, a good glass of wine has to come with it. To enjoy the wine’s full taste, the right storage is essential. Red wines should be stored horizontally to keep the cork moist. If the cork dries out, it may not perfectly seal the bottle, and air may get into the bottle, ruining the wine. The new VINEDO wine rack holds eight bottles in horizontal storage so that you can stock up for the cold autumn evenings. Plastic shelves hold two pre-shaped bottles per layer, so the bottle fits in firmly. The chrome-plated wire framework fits any kitchen or dining room elegantly yet discreetly. VINO can also be used for other bottles and beverages.

Finally, let’s consider the entrance areas. They are often difficult areas to outfit. On the one hand, the area has to offer sufficient storage space for keys, coats, and jackets, but on the other hand, it needs to look welcoming and to invite as it is the first impression any visitor gets of your home. Use Blomus’ brushed stainless steel key box to store your keys. It is practical and doesn’t take up much of your decor space.

Make sure to check out the new style coming soon to bellacor.com! The VELIO stainless steel key box holds all the keys you have. The door of the key box, a glass magnet board that comes in shiny black or white, gives VELIO an exclusive design. 6 small magnets make it possible to stick postcards, shipping lists, or photographs to the glass door. An elegant end to looking for the keys – comes either shiny black or white.


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