How do you select Decor for your home?

How do you select a theme for your home?

Think about the homes you visit and what you like and do not like about them, as this will give you an idea about what “type” of person you are and what styles you like best. Consider looking through a few interior decorating magazines so you can distinguish between contemporary, modern, art deco, country and other styles.


You should also inventory your own home and the furnishings you currently have, as they may provide some insight into your style and preferences.


For example, do you like a contemporary look and feel? Are you stylish? Or perhaps you prefer a more vintage or classical styled home. Others prefer a country look, while still others prefer a balanced home styled in multiple ways.


The types of decorations you adorn your home will eventually reflect your personality and style preferences, so this is an important step when budgeting for your interior.


Once you decide on the theme of your home, you will have a better idea of what areas of your home need the most attention when it comes to decorating and changing up the current look of your home. Perhaps for example, most of your home has a contemporary look and style, but you find your dining area is more modern or classic. You may also want to create a home that is more useful. If your home is more decorative than you like, you can change that. Just make sure you know what you want before you start making changes.


You might want to change the look of your dining area by adding a few pieces or changing the furniture to reflect the style that encompasses the rest of your home. You may want to create a kitchen that has greater utility and open space for you to move within.


Do not think however, you have to style your home in one exact way. Some people prefer to decorate their homes in multiple styles. Your living area for example, may reflect a country-like elegance, while your kitchen may resemble a country pad. While it is easier to stick with one style, ultimately you decide what you want (and do not want) your home to look like. You may find it fun to mix and match when decorating. This often works well with couples that have different preferences when it comes to styles and themes. Work with your partner when deciding how you want to decorate certain rooms. You can each take charge of a room so you both feel included in the decorating process.




Make certain you make a list of “must have” items before you start decorating. Some things you may find you cannot live without…


For some these may include sofas, beds, tables and the like. For others, important must haves can include plants or artwork.  Must haves are items that help you feel complete, but also are necessary for you to feel comfortable in your home.


If you have the basics and only need items to complement the look and feel of your home, you will find decorating a piece of cake.



In the next section, we will talk about a few simple things you can do to improve the ambience in your home without spending a bundle of money. The whole purpose of this guide is after all, to teach you HOW to decorate without spending too much in the way of money. Bargain interior decorating… you are one-step away from learning everything there is to know…